Classroom Technology


Want to get help using audiovisual equipment, or request a classroom equipment installation? AT supports the design, installation and use of all classroom technology, campus wide. That includes projectors, speakers, cable connections, document cameras and more. Our classroom support and tutorial database lists the technology in each enhanced classroom and offers instructions, too. 

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Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Space

A new Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) instructional space, which will be available for instructors to bring their students in groups to experience AR/VR content.

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Classroom maintenance and installations

AT supports the design, installation and support of all classroom technology, campus wide. 

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Classroom technology support and tutorials

Learn how to utilize audiovisual equipment through individual tutorials for each technology-enabled rooms on campus.

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Equipment checkout

AT provides a checkout service for a wide array of audiovisual equipment, such as laptops, LCD projectors, multimedia carts, video and audio recorders and external speakers for amplified sound. 

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Media resources and checkout

AT facilitates access to videotapes and DVDs in the campus media collection. We can cablecast this media to classrooms via our cablecast system, or you can borrow it in its physical form.

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Student response system (iClicker)

Clickers are a widely-used technology tool for increasing student engagement within face-to-face classes through instant responses to in-class questions, attendance, participation and more.