Media Resources and Checkout

What is it?

AT offers a no-cost media checkout to faculty, staff and students, making it easy to include and use media items for classroom instruction. We have an extensive library containing DVD and VHS formats, including new and old feature length movies, documentaries and docuseries, animated features/series, shorts, tv movies, programs and mini-series. 

We also provide a cablecast service which allows any of our media titles to be broadcast remotely into classrooms via classroom projector and TV displays. 

Support Documents


  • Phone: (415) 405-5555
  • Email:
  • Office: LIB 80

Media catalog information:

The Library has both physical and streaming media available for use. To find what films the Library has available:

  1. Visit the Library website at
  2. Select Books & Media underneath the search bar at the top.
  3. Enter the desired keyword(s) into the search bar.
    1. On the drop-down menu to the immediate right of the search bar, make sure Books & Media (SF State) is selected.

Many titles are also available in an online streaming format in the Library Media collection. To access these titles please visit the Library website.

If a certain title is not available instructors can then make a request for the library to purchase the media title in DVD or other formats, using the request form below.

Support document:

Media checkout information:

For media checkout, faculty and staff can reserve titles in advance or create recurring reservations. This can be done by contacting AT Services or by making an appointment. Reserved titles will need to be picked up and dropped off in-person during operating hours at LIB 85, by appointment only. 

The AT classroom database gives a detailed breakdown of hardware and equipment in each room. Not all classrooms have DVD/VHS players, so depending on the cabling set-up in each room employees can determine if instructors require adapters or external DVD players to show media to students.

Support document:

Request forms:

Cablecast information:

*This is service is paused during the remote instruction period, until further notice.

Media requested for cablecast will be cued up and instructors will notify AT services by phone once they would like the media to be played in the classroom.

Since each classroom's hardware differs, AT Services can assist instructors beforehand on how to successfully view media using the classrooms projector or TV.  Additionally, LIB 40E, one of the group study rooms in the Study Commons also supports cablecasts.  

Instructors who wish to cablecast their own DVD, VHS or 16mm films to a classroom can also bring their media to LIB 80 to schedule a cablecast for a future date.  Instructors will drop the media title off in LIB 80 and return to pick it up after the cablecast takes place.

Cablecast requests can be made in-person in LIB 80, via the form below, or by contacting AT Services.

Request forms:

  • Checkouts for faculty and staff vary and are given automatically, but can be extended if needed
    • All other items have a maximum checkout time of three days, except for adapters which can be loaned for an entire semester
  • Students also have access to checkout media, but overnight loans of media titles are not available to students