Syllabus Management Tool (Syllabus)

What is it?

The Syllabus tool allows faculty and academic office coordinators to build and manage class syllabi. The service draws content from campus databases and allows users to create, share and re-use syllabi in ways that save time and allow for a paperless approach to managing this resource. Users can publish accessible versions in multiple formats including directly into iLearn courses.

Support Documents


  • Phone: (415) 405-5555
  • Email:
  • Office: LIB 80
  • Every syllabus created is guaranteed meet accessibility and SF State guidelines
  • Choose from dozens of regularly updated campus resources for import into syllabi
  • Choose from a large database of prefabricated content such as policies, statements, resources and grading scales and adapt it to your own standards and needs
  • Create personal templates for course syllabi, or clone any past syllabus
  • Easily restructure your syllabus and add content using the editor
  • Integrate syllabi with iLearn to ensure users have access to the most up-to-date version
  • Students may view the syllabus in a mobile friendly web view or download as a Word doc
  • Control who can see your syllabus and even add people as editors
  1. Start by deciding if you want to create a syllabus from scratch or adapt a syllabus from an existing document
  2. Log into the Syllabus application at
  3. Choose your path using the support documents below

Support documents: