Preparing for Spring 2022

Overhead angle photo of a student on a laptop computer at a round table.

As SF State prepares for the return of on-campus instruction while continuing remote instruction for Spring 2022, Academic Technology is working away on a wide-range of projects to prepare the campus for effective instruction and operations as the campus restarts for fall.  From classrooms to computer labs to offices to conference rooms, AT is preparing so that the upcoming year is successful for our faculty, staff, and students.

Paused Services (Spring 2022)

Digitization - Paused until further notice

Equipment Checkout - AT will provide semester check-out (by appointment)

Media Checkout - Available

Cablecast - Paused 

Walk-In Support - Paused

AT Support and Initiatives

Instructors requiring a computer lab for a single course meeting can make a request using the Computer Lab Request Form.

Classes requiring one-time access to a computer lab can work with their department scheduler or use the request form below.

Note: Many campus computer labs are available during spring based on their associated department's access guidelines and hours.


  • TH326
  • TH335
  • TH325
  • TH327
  • TH409
  • TH425
  • TH428
  • TH429
  • TH432
  • GYM113
  • GYM114
  • GYM115
  • GYM116
  • MH 207 -TV (LG SEM)
  • MH 209 -TV (LG SEM)
  • MH 231 -projector (TEACHING LAB)
  • MH 213 -projector (LECTURE CLASSROOM)
  • MH 215 -projector (LECTURE CLASSROOM)
  • MH 211 -projector (LECTURE CLASSROOM)
  • MH 217 -projector (LECTURE CLASSROOM)
  • MH 324 -TV (SEM)
  • MH 391 -TV (SEM)
  • MH 339B -TV with CS700 (CONF RM)
  • MH 410 -TV (CLASSROOM)
  • MH 411 -projector (CLASSROOM)
  • MH 412 -projector (CLASSROOM)
  • MH 458 -TV with CS700 (CONF ROOM)
  • MH 460 -TV with CS700 (CONF ROOM)
  • MH 415 -projector (LECTURE CLASSROOM)
  • MH 414 -projector (LECTURE CLASSROOM)
  • MH 413 -projector (LECTURE CLASSROOM)
  • FA 184
  • FA 192
  • FA 251
  • FA 282
  • Trailer P3
  • Trailer P4
  • Trailer O4
  • Trailer Q3
  • SCI11
  • SCI115
  • SCI215
  • TH224

Post-Fall 2021

  • BH 223
  • BH 224
  • BH 225
  • BH 226
  • BH 237
  • BH 249
  • BH 251
  • BH 256
  • BH 337
  • BH 338
  • BH 354
  • BH 408

The AY 2020-2021 version of iLearn was released on May 27th, 2021, which upgraded Moodle to the latest version (3.9), new features to instructors and students including:

  • Stability enhancements (moving to long term support version of Moodle)
  • Easy-to-Use Syllabus Tool integration with iLearn
  • New activity chooser
  • New Turnitin plugin
  • Turn editing on button
  • Numerous bug fixes to improve the iLearn user experience

Classroom Technology Information System
Academic Technology has launched the Classrooms Database application for Fall 2021, a comprehensive listing of campus classrooms and the technology and requirements within each room. AT is using the application to send messages to faculty regarding the technology required for courses assigned and assigned classrooms. If you are a current faculty member with assigned courses, your courses and room assignments will be listed below.

Syllabus Tool
The Syllabus tool allows faculty and academic office coordinators to build and manage class syllabi. In addition to a new iLearn integration, references to campus classroom health and safety guidelines which would be automatically added to any syllabi in the system.

Instructors can use the following button to request a loaner laptop for Fall 2021 instruction:

Instructors can use the following button to request a additional accessories to support their remote instruction needs for Fall 2021 instruction:

Academic Technology will be providing semester-based equipment check-out as an alternative to the regular pick-up method traditionally offered for instructors teaching on-campus classes. Checkout requests must be made ahead of time via email to or phone call to (415)405-5555. All equipment requests can be picked up by appointment during normal business hours, 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday.

The checkout desk in LIB 80 will be closed to drop-ins during the Fall 2021 semester.

The Science Building Renovation project required that academic departments housed in the building be relocated to other spaces across the University. The project began moves in Fall 2020 and ramped up activity in Spring 2021.  Academic Technology supported the initiative in the following ways:

Assessed and Salvaged Audio-Visual Technology
The Learning Spaces team walked through the Science Building to assess spaces with existing audio-visual equipment (including projectors, screens, LCD's, and additional devices).  All salvageable equipment was uninstalled and removed for re-use across campus instructional spaces.

Installed Audio-Visual Technology for Surge Space Needs
The Learning Spaces team performed installs in the Trailers, Science, Thornton Hall, and Creative Arts to facilitate needs for display technology in spaces to which academic departments or teams had been moved relocated.

Facilitated Faculty and Staff Office Moves (Computers and Technology)
The AT Desktop Service team facilitated the technology portion of office moves to ensure computers, printers, and copiers.

Migrated and Setup Computer Labs
The AT Desktop Service team supported the relocation of several computer labs to new locations across campus.

The cablecast service and physical media checkout pool will be unavailable for Spring 2022.

Faculty looking for videos to show in-class will need to use videos available through streaming services or digital licenses provided by the library. You can browse the Library's offerings by going to and using the search feature at the top of the page, or by following the link below to the Library's Streaming Media Options page.

For Spring 2022, faculty can request media for checkout using the following method