Renovate and elevate your Canvas course

Author: AT Teaching with Technology Team
February 20, 2024
renovate and elevate your canvas course logo

In this asynchronous course, instructors will scaffold, reinforce and reimagine Canvas courses to streamline and organize content in dynamic ways. Academic Technology’s Teaching and Learning with Technologies and Services Teams constructed this course as a blueprint for elevating instructors' Canvas courses from a starter home to a dream home by providing insights, resources and peer discussion opportunities on course redesign.

In this course, participants will:

  • understand the benefit of removing unnecessary items.
  • distinguish the difference between removing and deleting items from Canvas.
  • identify areas in Canvas courses that could eliminate clutter.
  • choose which items they want to delete or remove to clean up their courses for both the instructor-facing side and the student-facing side.
  • assess course components to determine areas requiring improvement, considering both functionality and impact on students.
  • apply troubleshooting strategies to address common errors in Canvas Assignments and Gradebook, enhancing student user experience.
  • locate resources for technical and instructional design support, reducing obstacles associated with course repair.
  • utilize up-to-date and relevant subject matter information, ensuring that the course content reflects the latest research findings in their field of study.
  • seek to ensure that the course materials represent a wide range of perspectives, cultural contexts, and voices, allowing students to engage with a diverse array of ideas and experiences.

An optional digital badge will be awarded to those that complete the course requirements.