IT Purchasing Process Improvement Initiative

TAR to Become BuyIT

The longtime campus Technology Acquisition Request (TAR) process will be relaunched this summer, introducing a new streamlined interface and a new name: BuyIT.
Beginning July 30th, 2024, campus users who purchase IT goods and services will begin using the new website to submit requests.
More information for official launch events will be announced in June, along with opportunities to attend demonstrations of the new process, access to new training materials, and support information so that all campus users are informed and prepared to submit requests in the new BuyIT application.
The change is part of a year-long collaborative effort between Academic Technology (AT), Information Technology Services (ITS), and other campus partners, including Procurement and the Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC). We also benefitted from campus input through focus groups and a user group made up of staff and faculty whose input has been critical to this process improvement initiative.

More information can be found on the project website.

BuyIT Application

A streamlined IT purchasing experience, the new front end application provides users with comprehensive list of pre-approved items to request, option to engage IT support for more complex requests, and pathway to project intake. 

Application interface mock-up shown below (note: this image will not necessarily reflect the end state of the application).

mocked up homepage of Buy IT website


Spring 2023 - Project kickoff

Summer 2023 - Focus groups with key stakeholders

Fall-Winter 2023 - Application design and development

Spring 2024 - User groups and testing

Summer 2024 - Soft launch

Fall 2024 - Application rollout to campus

Stakeholder Units


ITS Security


Cross-campus TAR Users


Academic Technology (AT)

Andrew Roderick

Jonathan Foerster

Robyn Ollodort

Charles O'Sullivan

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Jon Sehmer

James Tran

Technology Acquisition Review (TAR)

SF State technology acquisitions, whether purchased or free, are required to be reviewed for operational support, accessibility and information security requirements prior to acquisition and use.

All technology purchases require a completed TAR approving the acquisition. In the case of pre-approved technology, the required TAR process has already occurred.  

Services involving an IT component, such as consulting services requiring access to the University systems and/or data, also require a TAR to be completed. However, such services provided by an independent consultant or sole proprietor do not require a TAR as the necessary contractual language will automatically be inserted into their agreement with SF State.

TARs are used to (1) reduce IT costs by leveraging existing technology purchases and contracts; (2) determine whether technology meets CSU/ campus standards (3) meet compliance requirements with CSU policies and SF State practice directives, e.g. accessibility and IT security which helps to reduce the risk of data breaches resulting in harm to CSU or individuals and any damages arising out of these breaches, and (4) ensure campus resources are available to support the chosen technology.

For more information, visit the TAR informational page.

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Latest Updates

March 7, 2024 Presentation to Technology Governance Committee
March 15, 2024 User group feedback sessions completed
March 22, 2024 Presentation to Staff Council
March 27, 2024 Presentation to President's Cabinet