Learning Management System (iLearn)

What is it?

iLearn is SFSU's learning management system, where instructors can organize their courses and materials and students can efficiently interact with resources and partcipate in classes. iLearn is built on the Moodle platform with some local customizations to fit University guidelines and user requests. Moodle is an open-source learning management system that allows schools and other users to create personalized learning environments.

Updates to iLearn:

Every year, Academic Technology updates and expands features in iLearn to provide a more efficient interface and workflow for instructors and students.   Visit our update log to review past and current updates:

iLearn update log


Support Documents


  • Phone: (415) 405-5555
  • Email: at@sfsu.edu
  • Office: LIB 80

iLearn has the capability to integrate a variety of academic tools into courses:


The Box.com integration with iLearn allows users to access and upload files they have stored in their University-provisioned Box account. Users may select the Box repository option from the File Picker during the upload process. This feature is available for all SFSU users.

Box.com Support


Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture is a technology that enhances the online learning experience for students in participating courses. Lecture Capture allows instructors to do live recordings from the classroom or pre-record lectures from their desktop, so students can watch and listen to class-related recordings online at their convenience. Class lecture captures include audio, video and anything shown during the live class session or recorded in advance by the instructor. Use the CourseStream integration to add lecture captures directly into iLearn.

Lecture Capture Support


iLearn Video

iLearn Video is a quick and easy way for faculty and students to share video content within their iLearn classes. Post video content anywhere you see a text editor in iLearn, or use the iLearn Video app to capture video on the fly and quickly upload it to your iLearn Course with iOS mobile devices.

iLearn Video Support



Turnitin is a plagiarism checking assignment tool with advanced grading capabilities that faculty can add directly to their iLearn classes.  Once students upload an assignment, Turnitin compares the text to other student submissions and other sources in the Turnitin database (ex: commonly used websites, journals, periodicals and publications), providing a customized originality report for instructors to compare to the matches.  Teachers may leave feedback (text and audio comments) and/or a grade (numerical or rubric) directly on a student’s submission for the student to review.

Turnitin Support


Zoom Web Conferencing

Zoom provides web and video conference capabilities to SF State and beyond. Zoom works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Linux, and browser extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox. All SF State faculty, staff and students can create Zoom meetings free of charge, and can easily invite off campus participants to join in.  The Zoom integration with iLearn allows teachers to create Zoom sessions directly in their iLearn courses. These Zoom sessions can be accessed and join by all participants in the course. 

Zoom Support

  1. Access iLearn by going to ilearn.sfsu.edu and logging in with your SF State credentials, like you do for campus email and other services. 
  2. The front page of iLearn provides access to any courses you are teaching or are enrolled in, information and updates about iLearn as well as any important campus information.
  3. Classes are listed in the My Courses block on the left side of the page.
    1. Teachers must be listed as the official instructor of record by their department in the course catalog. After your department has completed this task, it may take up to 24 hours for the course to appear on your My Courses list in iLearn.
    2. Students must officially enroll in a course in the Student Center in order to access the course in iLearn. It may take up to 8 hours from the time a student adds a course in the Student Center for the course to appear on your My Courses list in iLearn.  In addition, iLearn courses are not available to students until the instructor of the course makes the course available. 

Support documents:

Request forms:

iLearn Guidelines

iLearn Guidelines Document coming soon.

How are people using this tool?

Instructors can:

  • Create, upload and organize course materials
  • Administer forums, quizzes and assignments
  • Integrate digital material like recorded lectures, videos and more
  • Grade activities and provide feedback to students


Students can:

  • Easily access courses and course materials
  • Take quizzes and tests
  • Submit assignments and participate in forums
  • Access grades and follow along with the progress of courses