Issue 7: Spring 2023 is one week away

Author: Cristian Alvarado and the Canvas Transition Team
January 20, 2023

The start of Spring 2023 is approximately one week away! As a reminder, in Spring 2023, all courses were created in Canvas by default.

Not ready to move to Canvas yet? No problem. You will simply need to go to the Classdata website and log in to move your courses from the Canvas column back to the iLearn column. The deadline for selecting iLearn instead of Canvas is February 17, 2023, the add/drop deadline for Spring.

Canvas start of semester checklist

Here is a quick checklist to help get your Canvas courses ready for Spring:

  • Double check your your assignment and quiz open and close dates. This is especially important to check if you imported from iLearn as the dates may still be set to the same as the old course
  • Upload your syllabus or connect your course to the campus syllabus tool
  • Publish your modules and activities
  • Publish your course
  • Send a welcome message via the Announcements feature

More details and a video are available in this start of semester checklist guide.

Workshop opportunities

Workshops are continuing through next week. By request, we’ve added 5 more workshops the week of January 23 that begin at 4:00PM to help accommodate faculty who may have other engagements preventing them from joining the workshops scheduled during the day. A full list of workshops along with registration links can be found on the Canvas website support and training page.

Academic Technology, in collaboration with CEETL, will offer more focused workshops throughout the Spring semester beginning the second week of Spring 2023. Keep an eye on the calendar on the Canvas website for more information and details.

Have a suggestion for a workshop you would like to see? Add your ideas to the community forum. Faculty feedback helps us tailor our support to best serve your needs.

Support for the first week of the semester

Faculty looking for help with Canvas the first week of the semester can call our main support line at (415)405-5555, email us at, drop-in at LIB 80 during our business hours or use the Canvas support chat found in the help icon when you log in to Canvas (available 24/7). One-on-one appointments will be paused during the first week of the semester, but our team will remain available to handle any requests on demand.

When is iLearn going away?

A new version of iLearn is created every academic year. Each of these instances of iLearn stay active for two academic years and then are retired. iLearn will maintain this lifecycle during the transition to Canvas.

iLearn Lifecycle

Academic Year

Retirement Date

Fall 2019 - Summer 2020

October 2022

Fall 2020 - Summer 2021

October 2023

Fall 2021 - Summer 2022

October 2024

Fall 2022 - Summer 2023

October 2025

Collaborative sites are on their own schedule with a retirement date to be determined.

Feedback, questions or concerns

For any feedback, questions or concerns about the Canvas transition project, please check out our community forum.

We’re looking forward to a great start of the Spring 2023 semester.

Cristian Alvarado
Academic Technology Services Lead

and the Canvas Transition team