Issue 6: Reminders for Spring 2023

Author: Canvas Transition Team
January 9, 2023

Looking for your Spring 2023 courses? As a reminder, for Spring 2023, all courses were created in Canvas by default.

Not ready to move to Canvas yet? No problem. You will simply need to go to the Classdata website and log in to move your courses from the Canvas column back to the iLearn column. This video will walk you through considerations for whether to use Canvas or iLearn this coming semester.

Workshops Every Day This Month

Academic Technology and CEETL have partnered to bring a fairly robust schedule of workshops this month, starting January 9th. Check the support and training page on the Canvas website for specific dates and registration links. There is at least one workshop every business day starting January 9th, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get to know Canvas before the Spring semester begins. Below are the workshops on offer with a brief description of each.

Introduction to Canvas

This workshop will touch on the basics of Canvas, the differences between Canvas and iLearn, and first steps for moving or building your first class in Canvas.

Working with Your Migrated iLearn Courses in Canvas

After importing from iLearn into Canvas, there will be some noticeable changes that you may want to give extra attention to. This workshop will cover key areas to pay closer attention to when migrating content from iLearn into Canvas.

Canvas Tools for Interaction

This webinar, developed and facilitated by the CEETL Team, provides an overview of tools available for student- student and student-teacher interaction in Canvas including Groups, Discussions, Peer Review and communication tools within Canvas. We will explore similarities and differences to comparable tools in iLearn and show you what the tools look like in Canvas.

Course Design in Canvas

Designing a solid course supports nurturing a class community, allowing for more active participation, and a deeper impact on learning. This webinar, developed and facilitated by the CEETL Team, will review how clear expectations, organization, and communication can motivate learners to successfully meet objectives using the Canvas platform.

Support leading up to the Spring semester

As always, Academic Technology is here to help with any questions you may have about Canvas and your transition from iLearn to Canvas. Workshops are your best starting point, but one on one appointments are available if you need to take a deeper dive, or have specific questions that the workshops do not cover. Our main email and support phone lines are also open to answer any questions. Send us a message at or call us at 415-405-5555 Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Note that one-on-one appointments will not be available the first week of the Spring semester as our team needs to be all hands on deck to help support students and faculty with beginning of semester tasks.

Feedback, questions or concerns

For any feedback, questions or concerns about the Canvas transition project, please check out our community forum.

We wish you a great start to your Spring 2023 semester!