Why Use CourseStream


CourseStream (powered by MediaSite) allows instructors to capture video, audio, and their computer screen in a single recording. Many classrooms on campus are CourseStream-enabled and ready to record content directly in the classroom. Instructors can also use their own computers to record CourseStream content.

Instructor Benefits

CourseStream benefits instructors in many ways. With CourseStream instructors can 

  • Create recordings using their own computers or using a CourseStream-enabled classroom
  • Manage their library of recordings online
  • Edit recordings online
  • Publish recordings to iLearn seamlessly
  • Reuse recordings each semester

Student Benefits

Providing CourseStream recordings in a course also benefits students. Video content helps students

  • Engage more deeply with the content
  • Review difficult concepts
  • Catch-up on missed lectures
  • Access content anytime and anywhere

Teaching and Learning Strategies

When used effectively, recordings created with CourseStream can enhance teaching and learning in any course. Recordings can also enable different pedagogic strategies.

Creating Effective Recordings with CourseStream

Keep these guidelines in mind when creating recordings for a course:

  • Condense content into short and concise segments
  • Optimize audio so that the instructor's voice is clear and audible
  • Review recordings as a way to improve them
  • Use presentation slides to add context and clarity, not to distract or repeat
  • Include discussion prompts or reflection questions for viewer engagement

Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom is a pedagogic model where students view recordings before class, and use in-class time for learning activities. With CourseStream, instructors can pre-record content for students to view in iLearn before coming to class. This frees up time in class for in-depth discussions, group exercises, and active learning.

Lecture Capture

CourseStream-enabled classrooms can automatically record a class at instructor-scheduled times. These recordings can be managed and edited online, then published to iLearn. Recording and sharing in-class content benefits students in a multitude of ways. Students can access the recordings when they need to catch-up on missed lectures, review difficult concepts, or study with classmates. 

Personalized Learning

CourseStream's desktop recorder makes recording content quick and easy. Instructors can quickly create and publish recordings with their own computers. This allows instructors to deliver just-in-time content that is tailor-made to the specific outcomes and specific students in a class section. For example, instructors might use short recordings to respond to an unexpected question that students are struggling with, or connect course content to late-breaking current events. 


CourseStream tools are fully accessible to people with disabilities, but equally important, CourseStream promotes universal access to content for everyone.

Universal Access

Including recordings in a course increases access for everyone in a number of ways:

  • ESL students can watch recordings repeatedly to master content
  • Students requiring flexibility can access recordings on their own time
  • Students with strong auditory or visual learning preferences can engage more deeply