CourseStream History

Every semester, thousands of students use SF State’s CourseStream system to review recordings of their instructor’s lessons within their technology-enhanced, hybrid, hybrid-flexible, and online classes. Here’s the history: 


The SF State CourseStream service began in 2003 when the campus contract with a local movie theater ended, leaving large classes without a space to meet. Academic Technology accommodated these large classes by videotaping the lectures and streaming them live and on-demand. 


To meet the need to synchronize slides, video, and captions, one of our own AT student assistants (now a staff member) developed a software application as her computer science graduate research project. This software application falls within the educational technology genre referred to as “lecture capture,” but we have always called this service “CourseStream” on our campus.

Instructional Strategy

Over time, it became clear to many students, faculty and departments that our campus could leverage the CourseStream service as part of a larger SF State learning and teaching strategy to improve student performance, alleviate bottleneck courses, and enable hybrid, HyFlex or online learning. Unfortunately, our homegrown solution only allowed us to support a few courses each semester. 

Increased Demand 

As demand grew, the campus turned to an established lecture capture technology company Echo360 to power our CourseStream infrastructure to improve the scalability and reliability of our service, and we had a good eight years together.  

Powered by…

Just as SF State has evolved over this last decade, so has the lecture capture technology landscape. This prompted a rigorous CSU system-wide RFP and selection process for lecture capture technology providers. Our campus is now able to take advantage of the resulting system-wide agreement to power our CourseStream service with Mediasite, an industry leader.

It’s still CourseStream

For ease of use and recognition, we will continue to locally brand SF State’s lecture capture solution CourseStream. 

CourseStream may be powered by Mediasite, but the CourseStream service is homegrown here at SF State!