iLearn Improvements for Fall 2015

Posted on Monday, September 07, 2015

A new academic year brings exciting new improvements to iLearn. Here's a peek at the improvements we've made for iLearn starting in Fall 2015.

Geometric Shapes with the word iLearn at the center

Improved look and feel

iLearn's look and feel has gone through some revisions to make it more closely match SF State's official look and make it simpler to use on mobile devices. Many iLearn elements are now in SF State purple and cumbersome icons have been replaced with clean pull-down menus. The updated text editor is easier to use on mobile devices and a new autosave feature will save your work if you lose your internet connection before saving.

Simplified grade book

The grade book is now much easier to set-up and use. You don’t have to choose an aggregation type anymore. Now it will automatically calculate everything by a simple sum of points. If you prefer to set specific weights to grade by percentages, you just mark a checkbox and enter the desired weight.

Improved CourseStream integration

CourseStream personal capture lets you record your lectures and presentations with your laptop, computer, or mobile device. Now you can download the personal capture application and sync your class directly from your iLearn class. After publishing a recording, you can quickly add it in your iLearn class by selecting CourseStream in the Add an activity or resource menu.

Anonymous peer feedback in Turnitin

Turnitin has been updated with a much requested feature, Peermark. Now you can set up assignments for anonymous peer review so students can comment and review each other's papers.

Need help with iLearn?

Students and faculty have five ways to get help with iLearn or any other Academic Technology service.
  • Phone: 415-405-5555 (x55555 from campus)
  • Email:
  • Drop-in: LIB 220 8-5, M-F
  • Chat inside of any iLearn class
  • SMS: 510-5iLearn