Fall 2020 iLearn Updates

Posted on Friday, May 29, 2020

Each academic year Academic Technology updates and improves the iLearn system to enhance features for students and instructors. Review the updates below to learn more about working with iLearn in Fall 2020!




Extensive improvements to the forum activity

  • Posts can quickly include inline replies and discussion topics
  • Improved navigation through a forum by “starring” posts and sorting by name of poster, discussion title, or replies
  • Lock or export discussions
  • Send private replies to students
  • Get the benefits of advanced grading methods found in other iLearn activities (e.g. assignments) that have been missing from the forum activity
    • View all of a student’s posts and grade holistically
    • Use advanced marking guides and rubrics to assist in grading

Idle session timeout warning

  • Receive a pop-up warning when idle on iLearn for too long, providing the option to stay active or log out.

Text editor enhancements

  • More colors available for editing text
  • Support for emojis

Calendar enhancements

  • Filter by month, day, or upcoming deadlines Assignment enhancement
  • Rotate assignment submission pages while grading

Introducing support for SCORM interactive content

  • SCORM based activities, which offer more unique methods of interaction, are supported as another type of activity that can be added to a course
  • Note: SCORM packages are shareable activities that are authored outside iLearn by use various tools

Personalize Quickmail messages with tokens

  • Personalize a Quickmail message by drafting it with name and course tokens for better communication with students

Improved integration with the online syllabus tool

  • Connect your course to a syllabus created in the online syllabus tool in a more seamless manner

Ongoing upgrades to the iLearn Video application

  • Continual improvements to the ability to process videos and make the experience more user-friendly for users viewing videos in lower bandwidth environments


Our work on iLearn is not yet complete. Along with the changes above, we will be spending the next few weeks and months coming up with more ways we can improve iLearn and remote learning, so that we can support faculty and students in this unprecedented time. This includes:

More avenues for support

  • Developing a library of video documentation that helps people learn to use the tools in iLearn more effectively
  • Creating an opt-in iLearn fundamentals course that should help anyone new to iLearn start building their course quickly

Continual improvement of iLearn

  • Explore new integration, customizations, and changes to the underlying system that will make our campus community more successful
  • Ensure that our systems remain available throughout this period by investing in technologies and techniques that should allow us to handle not only the tremendous surge in activity that has already happened, but the even greater demand that is yet to come