Fall 2019 iLearn Updates

Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2019

Each academic year Academic Technology updates and improves the iLearn system to enhance features for students and instructors.

New features available for Fall 2019 courses include:

Group Messaging

  • Students in an iLearn course group will be able to communicate with other group members using iLearn messaging.

Improved quiz statistics report for randomized questions

  • Instructors can more easily find statistics for randomized quiz questions, including number of responses, correct and incorrect selections.

Addition of “(copy)” to the end of duplicated items

  • When duplicating an item on a course page, the word “(copy)” will be appended to the new item’s title so that instructors can better distinguish copied items when duplicating on a course page

Tagging support for better question bank organization

  • In addition to using categories to organize quiz questions, instructors can now add tags to questions and search based on those tags to more easily find questions in their question banks

Improved performance for the Moodle Mobile App

Numerous bug fixes to improve the iLearn user experience



  • Log in to iLearn at https://ilearn.sfsu.edu to see the improvements and new features in Fall 2019 courses
  • Visit the AT Help website at https://athelp.sfsu.edu for support documentation and user guides
  • Contact iLearn Support Services at (415) 405-5555, ilearn@sfsu.edu for technical support and training
  • Contact Teaching and Learning with Technology at (415) 405-5550, iteach@sfsu.edu for instructional design support