New updates to iLearn

Posted on Monday, June 05, 2017

Academic Technology has updated iLearn and added new features that are available in Fall 2017 courses. Learn about these updates and new features below or contact the iLearn Support Services team for help.

Academic Technology has been consulting closely with faculty focus groups to bring you a new, clean, spacious, and simple look and feel, along with the following improvements to the iLearn learning management system. 



Instructors and students can quickly navigate between course sections using the “navigation drawer” located on the left side of each iLearn page. 

Course Administration

Many of the most commonly used tools such as “Turn Editing On,” “Gradebook,” and “Edit Course Settings” have been consolidated into a single gear icon in the upper right corner of the course page to allow for quick access and mobile usability.

Assignment Grading

iLearn Assignments can now display commonly submitted file types (ex: .docx, .pdf) directly in the grading interface; instructors no longer need to download each submission to view them. In addition, instructors can comment and annotate on submitted files as they grade.

Restrict Access

A new feature within the settings of iLearn resources and activities, Restrict Access allows instructors to prevent access to a resource or activity until students meet specified criteria. For example, instructors can prevent students from taking the first quiz until they have accessed the syllabus, or set a collection of content to become available on a future date. 


The Quickmail block now allows instructors to draft and schedule an email to go out in the future. Furthermore, instructors can set up reoccurring emails to be delivered to users in their course. 

Activity Completion

Instructors can set completion criteria (ex: viewing a file or receiving a certain score) on resources and activities and track student progress throughout the semester. Students may also use this feature to track uncompleted or upcoming tasks. Activity Completion can be used in conjunction with the Restrict Access feature to further promote student progress.

Activity Reminders

In combination with Activity Completion, instructors can schedule email reminders on activities (ex: Assignments, Quizzes) to be delivered to students until they have completed that activity.


Similar to popular messaging applications, iLearn users can send messages to and view messages from other users within iLearn. Users will be notified about new messages with a notification in the upper right corner of iLearn. 


The Feedback activity enables instructors to create custom surveys for collecting responses from students using a variety of question types such as multiple choice, numerical, or short answer. Integration

The SF State sponsored cloud storage and collaboration system (Box) has been integrated with iLearn to allow users to quickly upload files from their Box accounts to iLearn. Users must have either “Owner” or “Co-owner” rights of the file or folder in Box in order to upload to iLearn.