iLearn Improvements Coming for Fall 2017

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2017

Academic Technology is excited to announce several new developments to iLearn for Fall 2017 semester courses! Our team has been busily working to give iLearn a fresh, modern look and several highly requested features.


The iLearn learning management system continues to evolve to better serve the diverse teaching and learning needs of our campus. A multi-talented Academic Technology team, including experts in software development, instructional design, user experience/user interface design, technical support, and customer service, has been closely consulting with faculty focus groups to ensure that these improvements best serve faculty and student needs. Academic Technology’s development team is currently refining and testing these improvements to provide the most up-to-date iLearn interface and highly requested new features.  

In June 2017, when you log in to iLearn as usual, you’ll notice a new look and feel, which faculty engaged in our user testing have described as clean, spacious, simple and more in keeping with modern web interfaces. Digging deeper into iLearn will reveal improvements to existing tools and several completely new features. For example, faculty testers were enthusiastic about the new grading workflow and said it was more intuitive and easier to use.   

Expect lots of information in May, including specific descriptions of new features, support documentation, and a sneak peek at the new look and feel coming just over the horizon. With the updates debuting in June, there will be ample time through the summer to prepare for Fall courses. Summer 2017 courses will not be affected and will remain in the current iLearn.                                                 

If you or your students have any questions or need support with iLearn, please contact, call 415-405-5555, or visit LIB220 weekdays from 8am to 5pm.