Support is Here for ePortfolios

Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

ePortfolios are available for all students while studying at SF State and after graduation. Learn how Academic Technology can help faculty support students in a meaningful reflective process with ePortfolios.

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ePortfolio Webinar

On Feb 9th, 2017, Academic Technology held a webinar about SF State’s highly recognized ePortfolio program.  Attendees were oriented to San Francisco State’s ePortfolio platform, Portfolium, and learned how faculty are using ePortfolios as a platform to support student success through assessment, reflection, and bridging academic work to future goals.  Attendees also received access to a Faculty Quickstart Guide and resources to help students get started with their own ePortfolios. 

Faculty ePortfolio Quickstart Guide

The Faculty ePortfolio Quickstart Guide was developed by the ePortfolio team at SF State to assist faculty in providing their students access to their free Portfolium ePortfolio. This guide, supplies instructors with a set of links to support students with the technical aspects of Portfolium, including support documentation and instructional videos. Based on the instructional best practices of many programs already utilizing ePortfolios on campus, the guide also offers suggestions for engaging students before and after introducing ePortfolios to students.

All students, faculty and staff have access to a Portfolium account, so once you introduce them to your students, they should be able to easily sign up for their free account. 

Interested faculty can view the recording of this webinar here.

For access to the Faculty ePortfolio Quickstart Guide or to learn more about adopting ePortfolios in your program or department, email