Academic Technology

Copyright Restrictions

All media in our library including Hollywood features, foreign features, instructional programs and other similar titles may be used only in authorized SFSU courses with the instructor present or by individual students and faculty members in viewing booths for regularly-scheduled class requirements.

Media may not be copied by the staff of the university or "publicly performed" on the SFSU campus outside of a class even though they are owned by the university. The copyright law requires a separate license agreement to be obtained before libraries, student clubs, dorms, and other campus groups may use these materials during non-classroom activities or events, regardless of whether admission is free or paid.

Note, too, that all materials in this catalog - videotapes, videodiscs DVDs and 16mm films of all subjects and categories - are available to SFSU faculty for SFSU use only. Copying of these materials or off-campus use at another institution, even in a classroom setting, may be a violation of SFSU's purchase agreement. Unfortunately, no up-to-date master directory is available of those titles that are in the public domain and those titles for which valid copyright ownership exists.

For more information on copyright law, please go to the U.S. Copyright Office Home Page.

The full text of US Copyright Law can be found at: