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CourseStream - Frequently Asked Questions

What is CourseStream?

Academic Technology's CourseStream service provides production of class lecture capture to enhance the online learning experience. With CourseStream, students can watch and listen to class-related recordings online at their convenience.

What are CourseStream's technical requirements?

Any modern browser can be used but a Flash player plugin, release 9.0.0 or greater, must be installed in the browser.

Download Flash Player
The minimum bandwidth for streaming rich media content is 180 Kbps.

File Retention Policy



If I, as an instructor, am interested in using CourseStream services as a method of course delivery, who do I contact?

Please contact the CourseStream Support Team at 415-405-5555 or email

If you would like to have your lectures recorded in the classroom in future semesters, please contact your department AOC and ask that a CourseStream enabled room (Feature 5) be assigned to your course.

Can one CourseStream capture be published to multiple iLearn course sections?

Yes. Just email the CourseStream Support Team ( and tell us which sections.

Can I have CourseStream videos from this semester published to next semester’s iLearn course?

Yes. Please contact the CourseStream Support Team ( and give us the details.

Can I delete a CourseStream recording?

The CourseStream administrator will delete a CourseStream recording for you. Please email the CourseStream support Team ( and tell us which recording to delete.

Personal Capture (PCAP)

What is Personal Capture (PCAP)?

Personal Capture is software that can be installed onto Faculty’s laptop, which enables Faculty to capture and record lectures or presentations made from home.

How do I go about having PCAP installed on my laptop?

First fill out our Personal Capture Request form. When your CourseStream account is created, we will email you and you can come into our office to have PCAP installed on your laptop.

What cameras will work with Personal Capture?

Supported Web Cameras

Will Personal Capture work for all laptops?

Personal Capture will not work for all laptops.

Windows: Windows Vista and Windows 7

Mac OS: 10.6 and above

Recommended Hardware and Software.


How long do I have to wait until I can watch the recordings?

CourseStream provides archived versions of recorded classes which are made available to students within 24 hours of the class lectures.

How/Where do I access CourseStream recordings?

CourseStream recordings appear in your iLearn course as a link in a block titled “CourseStream”. It can take up to 24 hours for the link to appear inside your iLearn course.

Am I able to view the CourseStream recordings on my mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone or other smart phone?

Yes, mobile devices and tablets are now able to access CourseStream recordings. However, the quality of the recording may vary depending on which device is being used to access the recording, as well as the speed of the device’s internet connection.

When can I access the CourseStream recordings?

You can access archived lectures/recordings twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (24/7).

My professor teaches past the bell, why is this not recorded?

The CourseStream lecture capture system is pre-scheduled to record via the standard definition of SF State class times.

Who do I contact for technical issues when viewing CourseStream?

Please contact the CourseStream Support Team at 415-405-5555 or email

Can CourseStream recordings be made accessible via closed captions to those who need it?

CourseStream allows for closed captioning of video and audio lectures. If you require captions, make sure you have registered with the Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) since they will inform us of which courses need closed captions.