Engage Your Students with Clickers

Posted on Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Faculty are using clickers across campus to engage students in the classroom.

Clicker displayed in front of laptop


The i>Clicker kit you receive from the company includes a flash drive containing the i>Clicker software. We recommend that you do not use that software as it is not compatible with iLearn. Please use the links below to download the appropriate i>Clicker software, i>Grader software, and additional files needed to connect to iLearn.

Note that you must download the software from us once every academic year, as we have to configure the software to work with the current academic year's iLearn.


Set up your iClicker in iLearn

To set up your iClickers to work with iLearn, check the support document on this topic.

Fall 2018 - Summer 2019

* Note that the download for mac is an installer that may warn you that it is from an unknown developer. If you require assistance installing the software on a Mac, contact the help desk at (415)405-5555 or via email to ilearn@sfsu.edu.

Personal Response Systems, such as Clickers, are an important technology used at every CSU campus to increase student engagement during classes. At SF State, instructors and students have used clickers since 2005. Some instructors have used clickers for checking attendance, granting participation points, performing low stakes quizzes, taking class polls, and assessing student understanding of the class materials.

The Clickers system includes a personal remote for each student, and a personal remote, base-unit, and software package for the instructor. The instructor first connects the base-unit to a computer and installs the software. In the classroom, instructors typically pose a multiple choice or true/false question to the students using a Powerpoint slide or other display format.  Students use their personal remotes to submit an anonymous response. All of the students' responses are captured by the Clicker base-unit and recorded by the Clicker software. The students' responses are recorded instantly and can be displayed for the whole class to see. Recorded scores captured with a student's registered clicker can also be imported directly into iLearn's Gradebook.

Clickers are being used at SF State to:

  • Check student understanding instantly

  • Check attendance

  • Encourage peer instruction

  • Encourage shy and under-prepared students to participate

  • Grant participation points

  • Gather feedback from students on how to improve the course

  • Help identify student misconceptions

  • Poll students’ opinions and preferences instantly and anonymously

Clickers are a great way to engage your students in active learning and improve their motivation and academic performance. To learn more about teaching strategies and the benefits of Clickers email iteach@sfsu.edu. For help with Clickers equipment and software email ilearn@sfsu.edu.