Students Review Class Recordings with CourseStream

Posted on Monday, October 05, 2015

CourseStream, powered by Echo360 technology, is a class lecture capture service that allows students to watch and review class-related recordings online at their convenience, enhancing the learning experience for many students in participating courses.

Screenshot of a web conference

Class lecture captures include audio, video, and anything shown during the live class session or recorded in advance by the instructor, such as PowerPoint presentations, software demonstrations, digital video clips, and document camera recordings.

Recorded class lectures are made available to students within 24 hours inside their respective iLearn course. Students looking for CourseStream materials for their class can find them in their instructor's iLearn course.

Requests and Resources

Semester-Based CourseStream Requests (faculty): 

  • Requests for semester-based CourseStream-enabled classrooms must be made through the respective department’s administrative coordinator as part of the schedule building process.
  • The deadline for requesting a coursestream room is approximately six months before the semester begins

Available Classrooms with CourseStream

  • LIB 244
  • BH 28
  • BUS 108
  • BUS 122
  • BUS 215
  • CA 129 (McKenna)
  • HSS 130
  • HSS 135
  • HSS 154
  • HUM 129
  • HUM 133
  • SCI 101
  • SCI 201
  • SCI 210
  • TH 210